Week 17 – Harmony through a gardener’s eyes

This week’s webinar was beautiful. Pictures of people that’s performing acts of kindness This quote comes to mind.


A word harmony is being highlighted on this webinar. Allow me to put a spin to it. Believed two heads are better than one. Harmony for me is like a plant. Requires a good soil, water and sunlight, All three are balanced in harmony for the plant to live. For us it’s heath in mind, body and spirit or true health, Hopefully this picture does justice.



Week 16 – Actions

This week webinar was majestic. Its opening was beautiful. Hope this picture does justice.

Deep Breath

Can only describe the beauty of winter since its home sweet home for my family. A blank sheet for me. Especially through a gardener’s eyes like mine. The trees are particularly interesting, the world within pops up. Every season has it’s beauty.

Talking points was kindness. Just washing hands prevents spreading bacteria especially during winter is kindness to others. Showing it to the children is a huge positive. Recycling at home is huge. We only have one world and one life.  Treating ones spouse and others with dignity and respect is kindness. Kindness is consideration to others. Kindness is half of the pie. Cannot be short on the greatest feelings which is love. Patience is seldom overlooked but kindness cannot stand alone. One has to have patience. Yup patience attains all things. Cannot hurry perfection. Patience and kindness is love in a nutshell for me.  A picture of love…LOve is Patience

Week 14 – Action of Greatness

This week was watching different movies that display greatness. Picked one in particular movie the “Door to Door.” Where to start. Bill Porter is the name of a character that showed service to others as a definitive major purpose. His positive attitude and love for life allowed him to be able to overcome obstacles and consider them as a mere detour to his goal and a challenge to his profession. His plan of action was being persistent. Scroll three by Og Mandino was perfectly portrayed by his persistence. His MasterMind Alliance was shown by the tremendous love he received by many most especially by his Mom. An action of greatness at its best.


Week 13 – Stretched

The week webinar was magnificent. The quote that is very dear to the heart by none other than Ralph Waldo Emerson was quoted repeatedly by Mark. It says “once a mind is stretched  with new ideas it never regain its original dimension. What magnificent and it’s in you. Hence the world within is beautiful. What a gift especially to the season of giving. Most especially to the children. One definite major purpose.

a mind once stretched


Week 12 – Enlighten


To be honest as it’s been a policy that hold dear. Not really keen on law. Hypothesis for me. Law is permanent cannot be broken. Each of us has a different journey. Law of  Substitution is as Og Mandino mention “ only a habit can subdue another habit” . Mention about memories. A song by Barbara Streisand  “the way we were” comes to mind. Law of growth is being highlighted.. Not Law for me again. It’s stages of growth and development for me. As far as can remember one has to accomplish that developmental growth stage before can go to the next stage.  The flash card further describes you. “ I AM WHOLE, PERFECT, STRONG, LOVING, HARMONIOUS AND HAPPY. This webinar really is enlightening.



Week 11 – Bullseye

The beginning of the weekly webinar was beautiful. So many people, as scroll one in the Greatest salesman  by Og Mandino “mentioned shedding the old skin which hath too long suffered  the bruises of failure and the wounds  of mediocrity.” The clip about a child ( Gregory) was perfect. Such an outstanding story about finding someone’s bliss ( happiness, passion, love) If someone finds it. Absolutely nothing is impossible. Just like scroll three mentioned about a bulls ability to move forward regardless of the sting of the blade. A bulls eye indeed.